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Reiki Certification Retreats

Reiki I Classes        Reciprocation:  $125.00

Reiki II Classes        Reciprocation:  $225.00

**10% Discount for Reiki I & II paid together in advance**

Reiki Training and Retreat

 Reiki Attunements and Treatments initiate a powerful process of
Healing, Cleansing and Transformation.

Each class is an opportunity for phenomenal healing
if you are committed and willing.
(Read "About Reiki" section for more information)
You will be processing a lot of inner-work.
To receive the greatest benefit, assimilation and
adjustment to the higher frequencies,
it is best to remove yourself from your normal routine, as much as possible.
    Enjoy the Enhanced Benefits of receiving your Reiki Attunements
at my Private Redwood Park

During the Retreat, you will have time to relax, release, adjust and
rejuvenate in nature.
Bring your sleeping bag and favorite pillow (and a tent if you like). 
Sleep indoors in the Sanctuary, under the stars, or in a tent.
If you prefer private lodging, the Butterfly House may be available. 
You can be book the Butterfly House on airbnb.com
Bring food and beverage for the weekend. 
It is best to eat light and drink lots of water.
 There are nearby restaurants.

Reiki I Class Times
Saturdays:  10am to 6pm 

Sundays:  11am to 5pm

Reiki II Class Times

 Saturdays:  10am to 6pm

Sundays:  11am to 5pm

You are welcome to arrive Friday afternoon and I 
encourage you to hang out and relax before leaving.
Enhance your Experience with a Private Treatment

I will be available for private treatments
Before the retreats on Friday or
After the retreats on Sunday & Monday
Discounted Rate for Class Attendees Only: $35.00

Please mail your payment at least 2 weeks in advance to:

Marrisha Abbot 
Faery Glenn Redwood Retreats
1112 Pilger Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Space is limited, and there is a class minimum
Your payment is an expression of your commitment to self, class and teacher.
Unless the class is cancelled, there will be no refunds within two weeks of your class.
In the event of emergency, your class fee can be credited to another class.
For two or more, we can arrange a private class.

Faery Glenn Redwood Retreats


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