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 What is Reiki?

The word "Reiki" is Japanese for "Universal Life Force Energy".

"Reiki Healing" is a practice of channeling this energy to ourselves and others, through the palms of the hand, after receiving "Reiki Attunements".  The hands generally get quite hot, especially when placed over an area in need of healing.

We all have this "Life Force Energy" running through us.  Without it, we wouldn't be alive.  The process of "Attunements", opens us up to be able to handle, embody and transmit higher and higher frequencies of the "Universal Life Force Energy".  As an example, we can compare ourselves to light bulb wattage.  Before attunements we may be operating at 40 watts, and after attunements we may be turned up to 100 watts and so forth, with each attunement.  With each level of "Reiki" attunement we move into operating at a "higher frequency".

"Reiki" is a form of "Spiritual Healing" that addresses and releases our issues on all levels of mind, body emotions and spirit. There is not religion or dogma involved.

"Reiki" is also compatible with other healing modalities and is often used in concert with massage, hypno-therapy, etc.

"Reiki" can be applied to oneself as a "self-healing practice" or administered to others (including animals),generally in a "hands-on" format, with the person receiving the healing fully clothed.  "Reiki" can also be applied without even touching the physical body and be equally effective, by working in the "auric fields" around the body. It can also be sent "long distance" for "absentee healing".

"Reiki" can be used to inspire and empower anything and everything you can think of that is for a positive purpose. "Reiki" cannot be used for any harmful intent.

"Reiki" energy can be infused into art work and music, providing healing for those to encounter these creations.

"Reiki" can be transmitted to food, vitamins, medications enhancing their beneficial qualities and diminishing non-beneficial effects, particulary with medications.  Plants love to "Reiki" too.

"Reiki" can be used to clear the energy in a room and to support co-operation among groups.

"Reiki" is an ancient healing modality with roots as far back as the time of "Atlantis".

"Reiki" was believed to be a lost art, until its rediscovery in the late 1800's by "Mikao Usui" of Japan.

The"Usui" method of "Reiki" is the most well known practice and is the foundation for teaching by Sacred Channels Healing.

I was initiated into Usui Reiki and received Master Teacher training in 1995 with the late, Jo Ellen St John. I additionally received initiation into the YungDrung Bon Reiki by Lama Khyimsar Rinpoche in 2002, Holder of the Ancestral Lineage of the Bon Tradition of Reiki that predates Buddhism and the Usui Lineage of Reiki.

The Reiki Levels

Reiki I:   This focus of Reiki I is self-healing and includes: 

              * Level I energy attunement

              * Instruction and practice of self-healing

              * Introduction to healing others

              * Class Manual and Certificate

Reiki II:  The focus of Reiki II is healing others and includes:

              * Level II energy attunement

              * Instruction and practice with Sacred Reiki Symbols

              * Instruction and practice in facilitating a Reiki Treatment

              * Instruction and practice in Long Distance Healing

              *Instruction and practice for Manifestation & Guidance

              * Class Manual and Certificate

Reiki III: The focus of Reiki III is "Self Mastery"

                and discovering your "Souls Purpose"

               * Level III energy attunement

               * Instruction and practice with Sacred Reiki III Symbol

               * A Journey to meet your Reiki Guide

               * Advanced instruction and practice in Reiki Treatment

               * Class Manual and Reiki Master Certificate


Reiki Master Teacher is the fourth level of Reiki. The teaching program includes an additional Teacher's Attunement and Sacred Symbol, a journey to the "Land of Reiki Masters", instruction and practice in passing Reiki Attunements and teaching a class, advanced healing sessions for you, with your teacher, advanced healing practice on others.

This level of training and attunement is not given lightly and requires a demonstrated level of self mastery and commitment by the student.


To Register for a Reiki Class:

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