In grateful appreciation and thanks for who you are and for the great nourishment I receive from you.  You fill my life with blessings, Love and Joy   TC

I have had 2 Access Bars Treatments. 5 to 15 minutes into my first treatment, I noticed a transparent vortex coming out of my stomach. It was attached to my stomach where I was having a problem and the thought that it felt cancerous and that my mental state was manifesting physically in my body. (which is why I chose to have the Bars treatment). After the treatment the vortex was gone and whatever was taking place in my stomach was gone and has not been back since. Another reason I chose to have the treatment was I felt I was experiencing manic behaviors my father used to display. These manic behaviors instantly stopped and I next noticed that my patience for people had increased exponentially.

After my second I am feeling like my head is considerably more clear by a lot. Previously, I was feeling a mood of frustration, continual annoyance and depressed or down. As for now, well, I donít feel depressed. I literally feel like two objects were pulled out of my head right above both eyes.

I am writing again and feeling more comfortable with my writing again. I feel more open around people and more open to be myself and present throughout the whole moment.  CB

It is with deep gratitude that I offer this small token of my appreciation for the magic that you set afoot in my life. You knew and I am Rembering. Thank you  KW

Hi Marrisha,
I wanted to tell you what an impact your treatment had in my life. It was such an epiphemy how we can affect people with our hands. LW

I had an amazing and surprising experience with Marrisha. Prior to the session, I had a throat problem that doctors and medicine were unable to resolve.  When the session was over, it was gone! I was able to breathe normally again. for the first time in many years. I had not mentioned this to Marrisha prior to the session. I had just come for a relaxing Reiki Treatment. LM

When I came for my Reiki Session with Marrisha, I was under treatment for cancer and arrived with my portable chemotherapy pouch that was intravenously feeding me chemo. My prognosis was good for a full recovery, but I was expected to be under treatment and off of work for a while longer. During the treatment Marrisha was guided to put her hands on the chemo pouch. It got really hot!  A few days later I met with my Doctor. He declared me cancer free, off the chemo and free to return to work immediately. This was so much more than I was expecting from this session. What a gift and miracle in my life! I can't thank-you enough.  MG

Having fun with my Reiki II! Thanks again! Hugs! A

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