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Sound Healing

     Edgar Cayce prophesied long ago, that "Sound Healing" would be the medicine of the future.
     We are here, now, in the future he was referring to.
Sound Healing was also a major component of health maintenance in the "Golden Age of Atlantis".
     We are all Instruments of God, and Resonate with Sound. Some frequencies are harmful and some are helpful. "Dis-ease" exists as low, dense vibrations. With use of the proper frequencies, we can raise our vibrations above the dense vibration of "dis-ease" and dissolve it.

     Your Sound Healing Session may include the use of Crystal Bowls, Drums/Rattles, Voicing, Tuning Forks, Discovering your Root Note and your weakest notes, needed to strengthen your vibratory system. The tools used will be based on your needs.

  While many people experience significant results with Sound Healing, there are no guarantees of any particular results. 

Mandatory legal disclaimer: Spiritual healing is not promoted as or suggested to be a replacement for traditional medical treatment.

1/2 hour: $45
1 hour: $75
1 1/2 hour: $95

Appointments for Sound Healing are Available at
Faery Glenn in Boulder Creek

To Schedule Your Session:

FaeryGlenn@outlook.com / 831-588-7935

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