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 Sacred Channels Healing

A Golden Opportunity with

Marrisha Abbot

Healing Channel for

Ascended Masters, Arch Angels,

Psychic Surgeons, Divine Doctors,

Divine Beings and Energies,

Your Higher Self and Personal Guides.

As an open channel for Divine Beings and energies and with our combined intention, we draw forth the appropriate healing support for you and your highest good at this time.

In a healing session, we work together to address the "Original Cause" of an issue, (working with all levels of Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions) to remove disease forms, cords, attachments, implants & imbalances.

We reprogram and/or remove energy patterns from this life, past lives and ancestral lineages that are keeping you from enjoying perfect health of Mind, Body & Spirit and Manifesting your Higher Destiny Plan for Living in the Golden Age on Earth.

All Dis-ease Forms are

Expressions of

Spiritual Imbalance

I have been gifted with the ability to facilitate this work 25 years. 

I have successfully worked with a broad scope of issues, from physical & mental abuse issues, substance abuse, schizophrenia, multiple personalities, abductions, bi-polar, cancer, MS, to injuries, soul to soul connection with loved ones and more. From the simple need to relax and re-balance, to recovering from death threatening illness, to relieving the pain and humiliation of being abused; as an open channel for divine intervention, the perfect healing for you, is invited to come through me. 

Your Intent is the Invitation that allows the healing to manifest.

While many people experience significant results with Spiritual Healing, there are no guarantees of any particular results. 

Mandatory legal disclaimer: Spiritual healing is not promoted as or suggested to be a replacement for traditional medical treatment.

1/2 hour: $45
1 hour: $75
1/1/2 hour: $95

Appointments Available at:


Faery Glenn in Boulder Creek - Saturdays


Avalon Visions Center for Creative Spirituality in Soquel

To Schedule Your Private Session:

FaeryGlenn@outlook.com or 831-588-7935


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